MISP Online Workshop

MISP Online Workshop

Not sure if a threat intelligence platform (TIP) answers your questions? Not sure if MISP is the platform you are looking for?
Already a MISP user but not sure how to benefit the most of the many features it offers?

In this workshop you get an introduction to threat intelligence and how MISP can help you make the most of it. We take a look at best practices for a MISP architecture as well as its features and data model. With the help of a practical use case we demonstrate guidelines on how to encode threat intelligence into MISP. We also explore the possibilities for integration and automation with other security tools.

The workshop can be tuned to your requests with topics relevant for your organisation, costs 1.250 EUR (*) and lasts 4 hours.

  • Workshops are virtual via Google Meet (you can host WebEx or Teams);
  • You receive the slides of the workshop;
  • Workshops use a MISP demo environment;
  • Difficulty level can be adjusted, from beginners to advanced TI experts;
  • Workshops include a break and sufficient time for questions.

Default agenda (**) of a workshop

  • What is threat intelligence? What is MISP?
  • Best practice for a MISP architecture;
  • The MISP data model and basic features;
  • Break
  • Use case on how to encode threat intelligence from a security incident into MISP;
  • MISP modules, API and export features;
  • Q/A.

Price is ex. VAT and for a workshop with a default agenda.
This is the default agenda. The agenda can be tuned to your preferred topics.


Have a look at our MISP services and threat intelligence packages, get a sneak preview on MISP and threat intelligence or visit the website of the MISP project for more information about MISP.

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